Monday, September 25, 2017

Yesterday In Dino-history: September 24, 1973

Hey pallies, likes yesterday  was yet 'nother great great day of Dino-remembrance, for likes it was on  September 24, 1973 that the Dean Martin Variety Show was transformed into"The Dean Martin Comedy Hour."  The Dino-show  moved to Friday nights after eight years on Thursdays, and the major change  was to  feature a "Roast of the Week," modeled after the popular Friars Club roasts, with Ronald Reagan as the first guest.

Likes through the marvelous magic of youtube, we share with you below that first roast hosted by our most beloved Dino and featurin' pallies likes Jackie Vernon, Phyllis Diller, Dom DeLuise, Pat Henry, Jack Benny, and many others.   Our Dino is truly truly in his prime givin' out wise cracks between introducin' all the shinin' stars honorin' Governor Ronald Reagan.

"The Dean Martin Comedy Hour" lasted only one season, but the "Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts" became a series of specials on NBC that lasted until 1984.  Enjoys the roast below as we celebrate this day in the life, times, and teachin's of our one and only Dino!  

We remain,

Yours In Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Let Me Know"

Welcome back, mi amici... & welcome to Fall 2017!

Man o man...where do the years go?!

Cant even believe I've had the privelage of doin these FUN FUN Sunday Serenades for 6 WON DER FUL years now!

Yup...Fall of 2011 was my first.

TRULY cant express how much I enjoy writin' my deep deep thoughts 'bout life... through the eyes of a Dino-holic... haha... & at the same time...spreadin' the Dino-message!

VERY humbily...I THANK youse for your weekly interest in my insanity & I THANK our fearless leader, DMP, for offerin' me the job.

One which I take very the funnest of ways!

Now, pallies...let's get to this week's Serenade!

Seein' how it's the first week of a new season...I figured I EASE us into this one.

Somethin' REAL mellow & O so soothin'!

Well, pals...thinks I got just what Dr. Dino ordered!

It's's's...well...IT"S PURE DINO!!! Haha!

Pulled it from my own personal "Go to" place for ULTIMATE chillin'!
Dean's 1966 al b um, "Relaxin".

"Let Me Know" will DEF I NATE LY... gently...glide youse into these comin' cool, crisp days ahead.

Sit back & close your eyes, pallies.
Dino's at the wheel & he's on cruise control, Hahaha!!!

Let's embrace Autumn & see what Dean has in store for us next!

It's gonna be a GREAT Fall, pals...just hit PLAY & relax.


Let me know the moment he lets you go
I'll be here to welcome you to my arms yes
I know how you feel
After a love affair is through
That's how I felt when you left me
I still love you

Let me know the moment you're feeling blue
Come to me and I'll never let you go no
I'll always love you can't you see dear
Let me know the moment that you need me

I'll always love you can't you see dear
Let me know the moment that you need me

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Feast of San Gennaro to Celebrate Dean Martin's 100th Birthday This Weekend

Hey pallies, likes we gotta 'fess up that today's Dino-devotion ain't what we originally planned to share, but likes when we gots on the 'puter a few 'go and looked at our selection of Dino-'lerts from our pallies at google, we likes just knew that we had to gets this to youse Dino-devotees asap 'cause some of youse are possibly in the neighborhood of this Dino-fest scheduled this very Dino-day in
Little Italy NYC!

From the annals of BWW MUSIC WORLD.COM (Broadway World) comes the great great news that our great great man....our one, our only Dino is bein' fantastically feat this very Dino-day at the 91st
Annual Feast of San Gennaro.  From the "Music News Desk" of  Broadway World comes the potent post below that from 2 to 5 p.m. are celebratin' the Dino-centennial that features reverent remembrances of our Dino includin' from Mr. Tony Danza, a singin' contest featurin' a variety of Dino-wanna-bes, and even a huge birthday cake "designed in the form of a giant cocktail glass" in huge huge homage of our King of Cool.

Likes all the details are below, and if any of youse Dino-holics find your way to Little Italy today, please drop us a line to tells us all 'bout it.  Oh, how we wishes that we coulda be there ourselves to be able to join in the coolest of cool celebration of our most most beloved Dino.  We sez our thanks to the pallies at BWW MUSIC WORLD.COM for puttin' us on to this swankly special celebration of our Dino!  To checks this out in it's original source, likes simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Feast of San Gennaro to Celebrate Dean Martin's 100th Birthday This Weekend

Feast of San Gennaro to Celebrate Dean Martin's 100th Birthday This Weekend

Music News Desk Sep. 22, 2017

Feast of San Gennaro to Celebrate Dean Martin's 100th Birthday This Weekend

The 91st Annual Feast of San Gennaro will celebrate Dean Martin's 100th Birthday with a three hour tribute on Saturday, September 23, from 2 to 5 PM on the Feast Performance Stage at the corner of Grand and Mott Streets in Little Italy.

Hosted by TV personality Bill Boggs, the opening hour of the celebration (2 to 3 PM) will include remembrances of Dean by members of the entertainment community, including Tony Danza, Gianni Russo, Michael Garin. Danny Bacher and a live phone interview with Martin's daughter Deana at 2:30 PM, and performances of some of Dean Martin's classic songs by guest performers.

From 3 to 4 PM, there will be a singing competition among performers who make a living as Dean Martin sound-alikes. They will be performing some of their favorite Dean Martin classics and will be judged by a panel including singer Steve Maglio, Bill Boggs and music lover Ernie Rossi, owner of Little Italy's famous Rossi Gift Shop on Grand Street.

From 4 to 5 PM, the Dean Martin musical tribute will continue with performances by surprise guests and other possible testimonials. Near the end of the hour, Ernest Lepore, co-owner of Little Italy's world famous Ferrara Bakery, and his staff will carry out a giant Birthday Cake they have been preparing for this special occasion. The cake, designed in the form of a giant cocktail glass, will be placed on the stage by Ernest and Ferrara staff members who will then distribute the slices to members of the audience and other Feast-goers in the area. There will be sufficient slices for several hundred people!

Prior to the start of the Dean Martin Birthday Celebration, the Feast will hold its Second Annual Little Italy Meatball Eating Competition from 1 to 2 PM in memory of the late John "Cha Cha" Ciarcia, who was known as "The Unofficial Mayor of Little Italy." Cha Cha, who passed away in November 2015, loved his meatballs and in his memory his wife Karen King and best friend Tony Danza, whose career Cha Cha also managed, decided to create this annual eating competition.

For additional information about the Feast of San Gennaro, visit

Friday, September 22, 2017


Brian Kristensen
Hey pallies, likes have we got the most delightful of delightful, deepest of deepest Dino-devotion for all youse Dino-holics to dig this very Dino-day!!!!! Likes pallies, it's got it's ubber unique, it's awesomely artistic, and it is incredibly international as well.  From the blog of Danish artist Mr. Brian Kristensen's simply self tagged blog, "BRIAN KRISTENSEN'S BLOG - Most about art, decor, technique and gadgets," come his perfect post "SKETCH 0237 - HOW TO DRAW DEAN MARTIN CARICATURE."

Likes in Brian's Dino-feature, we not only gets the finished product of the delightful Dino-sketch, but we also gets an action vid from youtube of Kristensen creatin' his coolest of cool Dino-image!  It is fantastic fun seein' how Brian works at creatin' his intriguin' impression of our most beloved Dino and it wonderfully warms our Dino-hearts to see yet 'nother of today's amazin' artists usin' his great gifts and tremendous talents to hugely homage of one, our only Dino.  Likes, to our way of Dino-thinkin' there is simply no better way to celebrate one's Dino-delight then to have a pallie awesomely apply their creative craft to  spread Dino-love 'round the ol' world wide web.

And, likes Mr. Kristensen includes six cooler then cool Dino-links from Instagram, which we are extraordinarily eager to energetically explore.  ilovedinomartin expresses our touchin' 'n tender thanks to youthful Danish artist Mr. Brian Kristensen for usin' his coolest of cool creativity to coolly celebrate our Dino in this wonderful way!  To checks this out in it's original source, likes simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters




I hope you thought of my drawings and if you would like to follow, do not stay back from following my blog.

How to Draw Dean Martin Caricature - Sketch 237

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Jeg håber du syntes om mine tegninger, og hvis du gerne vil følge med, så hold dig ikke tilbage fra at følge min blog.

How to Draw Dean Martin Caricature – Sketch 0237

My #DailySketch - by Brian Kristensen    #deanmartin @deanmartinandjerrylewis @deanmartinmoments @deanmartingram @dean_martin_daily @deanmartinfanpage

Thursday, September 21, 2017

And my thanks to dino martin peters who has again complimented me on this piece. His own blog devoted to fans of Dean Martin is accessible at and is really worth a visit ]

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Hey pallies, likes we gotta 'fess up that we are perfectly proudly pleased that our humble little ilovedinomartin blog has been lifted up at one our pallie's blog.  Likes while we were doin' our almost daily Dino-searchin' usin' our pallies at Twingly Advanced Blog Search, we came 'cross a repostin' of the completely cool post,"THAT DEAN MARTIN MAGIC," that we have shared twice here before, with the last postin' bein' on  March 7 of this year of our Dino 2017 and found  HERE.

Likes the scriber is a pallie tagged "nigel-a" and his deeply delightful Dino-adulation is  in the form of "an interview ( which might have taken place in my dreams ) at the Sands, Las Vegas, in 1969."  It's a marvelously magical "interview" with our main man and truly worthy of repostin' here one more Dino-time!   Last time we shared it we We 'fessed  up that our pallie "nigel-a"  is likes beautifully  better then we in doin' the Dino-lingo and we are gotta  keeps tryin' to learn from nigel-a's effortless way of speakin' the Dino-language.

Part of our reason for sharin' it one more time is 'cause nigel-a, this time 'round has generously given a neat nod to our ilovedinomartin mission and it truly truly warms our hearts to know that we have been thought 'bout and shared in this blog.  Thanks pallie nigel-a for makin' our day and helpin' your readership to find their way to our Dino-conclave!  And, likes we deeply digs that this post qualifies as of international Dino-passion  as nigel-a hails from the United Kingdom!

Nigel-a's extraordinary efforts are so so coolly creative, makin' for a real Dino-treat for Dino-philes everywhere!  We sez our deepest of deep Dino-thanks pallie  nigel-a for boldly and beautifully professin' his awesome appreciato of our Dino with his  readership.  To checks this out in it's original source, simply, as usual, clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Notes from an interview that I seem to remember having with Mr Dean Martin ( possibly only in my dreams ) at the Sands, Las Vegas, in 1969. 

Tell me, Dean, may I call you Dean ? ...
 Sure yuh can, kid, waddaya wanna know ?

... when you ran with the Pack why did you allow Sinatra to dominate the group when everyone could tell you had by far the strongest personality ?  
Oh, don't yuh lissen to gossip, kid.  Frank was the King in them days.  I just hung around for the girls.  Gee, those gals ... legs goin' on for ever.  And, boy, could they drink !

But you fell out with him.  I read you refused to perform in a Chicago club where he had Mob connections.  Didn't Sinatra cut you dead for a long time afterwards ?

Now yuh shouldn't lissen to those stories, they ain't true.  But supposin' they were ... so what if Frank didn't ring me for six years, so what if the old bastard cut me dead in public.  Frank was the King, an we all wanned it that way.

One last question, Dean.  Do you believe Sinatra envied your considerable stage presence and that's why he favoured Sammy Davis ... that he felt more comfortable with Sammy paying him court than with you who wouldn't ?

Now that's an interesting thought. Wud yuh like a drink, kid ?  I think this could be a long evenin'.

  Psst.....Seamus, d'ye tink this story's true ?  
Jaysus, Michael, how'd I  know.   
But, Seamus, it could be true, couldn't it ?  
Yes, an' I might be the King o' the Fairies !  

[  Written originally on 2/12/2012, now with pictures restored ]

[  And my thanks to dino martin peters who has again complimented me on this piece.  His own blog devoted to fans of Dean Martin is accessible at  and is really worth a visit ]

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

On This Day In Dino-history: September 20, 1953

 Hey pallies, likes today  is 'nother huge huge day in Dino-history, the remembrance of the birth of our Dino's youngest boypallie Ricci James......the day of Ricci  joinin' family Martin.  The remembrance of Ricci James entry into the world takes on a real bitter sweet quality 'gain  this year as it was just 'bout a year and a month 'go on August 3 that our Dino's boypallie passed from this life into the next.

 It was 64 years ago on September 20, 1953 that our Dino's youngest boypallie, Ricci James, made his entrance into the world. Ricci  had shown his deep, pure, and true devotion to his daddy-o by scribin' a wonderful bio of what it was like livin' in fam Martin. Likes if you haven't read "That's Amore," we would hugely hugely encourage you to gets yourself a copy and soak deeply in Ricci's  most reverent remembrances of bein' a prodigy  of the King of Cool.

And, since 2003 Ricci James had toured the globe helpin' keep his father's amazin' life, times, and legacy alive doin' his very own outstandin' Dino-trib. Likes for us Dino-holics, likes Ricci's greatest effort in showin' amore to his father was when he created our Dino's one and only MTV music vid, "Since I Met You Baby" in 1982...and he tells such wonderful tales 'bout the filmin' of the vid in his Dino-bio.

Below are some fav pixs of Dino's youngest male prodigy, as well as a couple of clips of Ricci's Dino-trib. And, likes we  just couldn't resist again sharin' two versions of our Dino at his finest in the "Since I Met You Baby" MTV vid.  Likes if you clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram you will be transported to Ricci's own pad and his bio which included a primo pristine vid of "Since I Met You Baby."

ilovedinomartin  wants to reverently remember Ricci on this anniversary of his day of birth, with mucho mucho Dino-appreciato for likes all he did in his lovin' lifetime  to lift up the name of his most beloved daddy-o and helpin' likes tons 'n tons more pallies to come to know, love, and honor our most amazin' Dino!

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Dean Martin - Since I Met You Baby by mimivar83

September 20, 1953 Ricci James Martin was born

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Bloopers

Image result for dean martin jerry lewis the caddy

Hey pallies, likes with the passin' of our most beloved Dino's most beloved partner Mr. Jerry Lewis, the ol' world wide web has been  beautifully bloomin' with awesome adulation of the greatest comedy partnership ever to entertain our planet.  Likes we were sent the way of the 'net pad "audioBoom" where a pallie tagged "VOICEBYAPOLLO" had uploaded the awesome audio of the randiest of randy bloppers promotin' the Dino and Jer classic big screen epic "The Caddy."

We haven't listened to these "adult language" bloopers for long long time and what fun we are havin' listenin' to 'em once 'gain.  Relivin' a little of the marvelous magic these two extraordinary entertainers had with each other truly truly brings the biggest of big Dino-buddha grin to our face and makes us yearn all the more to return to the days when our Dino and Jerry were makin' funny together.

Likes if you clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram you will be able to checks out the audio there, or simply clicks on the youtube vid below (we are sharin' that 'cause we didn't find a way to copy the vid from "audioBoom."  Thanks to "VOICEBYAPOLLO" and the pallies at "audioBoom" for bringin' us this beautiful blast from our Dino's past!!!!!

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Bloopers

Promo Bloopers for The Caddy