Thursday, March 08, 2007

Foster Brooks roasts Dean Martin

Hey pallies, like need a great big a drunkie roast the drunkie of one ever was, ever will be as cool as the King of Cool.


Glenn Bishop "Bish The Magish" said...

Hey Pallie Dino Martin Peters. It is so cool that you show video like Foster Brooks. As we both know Dino Martin The king of cool had a lot of great show business friends that he shared the spotlight with. And made his show that much more fun for the audience.

It is interesting that a lot of people in television and in the entertainment world - don't get the king of cool and how great his show was.

And what an impact he had on show business. I am glad that there are people like you that still remember how great he was. I am glad to read and watch the video in your blog. Keep up the cool work.

Thanks again.

Glenn Bishop

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Glenn, always so cool to have you drop by the little ol' Dinoblog. As you say, it seems like everyone wanted to work with our King of Cool.....and who in their right mind wouldn't....and like Dino never tried to upstage 'nother pallie that he was workin' with (except of course for the Jer!) The coolest thing is that the Dinolegacy is growin' daily. As I search the web, I'm findin' it so refreshin' to see many, many younger dudes who are like totally sold out to Dino. Dino is more people, especially today's youth who are "getting Martin." Again, thanks for all your kind words, and your always waitin' to see 'nother great Dinogram at your Dinoblog. Dino's the man, and like we are totally his devoted fans!!!!