Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random fact: Dean Martin's voice makes me think of very rich cocoa.

Hey pallies, today pallies likes we return to some more Dino-patter from our pallie, Miss Amanda Cooper from her blogg "Noodle In A Haystack." Likes after postin' Miss Amanda's review on Monday of "Who Was That Lady" I made the Dino-decision to checks out any backposts that mighta be likes Dino-focused and discovered this little Dino-gem from 'bout a year ago.

Herein Miss Cooper shares two of my personal fav Dino-smokin' pixs and how she has become Dino-reliant....."My mind is still reeling a bit after hearing some difficult news, and a little while ago I suddenly felt the need to hear Dean Martin sing."

Likes all us Dino-devotees knows how comfortin' and supportive our Dino can be....'specially in times of distress. And, I also have such Dino-appreciato for how Miss Amanda speaks of our Dino's amazin' voice...."Dean Martin's voice makes me think of very rich cocoa." Indeed our Dino's voice is so very very rich and smooth...and certainly as comfortin' as some hot cocoa durin' a cold spell.

To view this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tagg of this here Dino-gram. We again say our thanks to ilovedinomartin follower for her sharin' of her Dino-devotion and is pallies likes you Miss Cooper that are helpin' the Dino-message to glow and grow! Dino-dependently, DMP

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

6 Followers & Dean Martin

I am delighted to announce that A Noodle In A Haystack now has six followers! Just wanted to share....

Now on to more interesting things (for you, at least) that are actually pertinent to this site.

My mind is still reeling a bit after hearing some difficult news, and a little while ago I suddenly felt the need to hear Dean Martin sing. This has never happened before. I've never particularly cared for Martin's singing voice until just recently, and I don't know why I wanted so badly to hear him now. I guess I just needed to hear his very solid, very steady voice. Random fact: Dean Martin's voice makes me think of very rich cocoa.

I love this photo. Seriously, smoking has never looked this cool since the 50's/60's.


筱陳婷 said...

在你一無所有的時候 是誰在陪伴你 他便是你最重要的人......................................................................

Always On Watch said...

Dean Martin smoked elegantly, I tell ya.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, our Dino does everythin' to likes total total Dino-perfection includin' smokin' his ever present Kent cigarette....

Levi said...

When I was a boy, a little boy, I stood outside Kys house and heard her playing Dean Martin songs, i didnt know who he was, i liked some of the songs tho.
Let the good times in, birds and bees, come running back, lots of songs
Then later on me and Ky became pals and i was allowed inside and i forget when it was, i watched a Matt Helm movie with her and Cathy one day and like wow ! what a blast.
I wanted to be Matt Helm and to me Dean was Matt Helm before he was Dean, i really dug the other Helm movies and then got into his westerns and i started hearing more of his songs and i turned into a Dino fan, i like his reprise songs best, there are a lot of the others i like too.
He looked so cool smokin but i dont smoke, it costs too much money anyhow, i use to pretend to be Dino and smoke lolly cigs before i grew up.
I allways wanted a Matt Helm jacket so very much, someday i am gonna have a jacket like that

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, Levi dude, I remembers you sharin' part of your Dino-tale before, but likes have never heard most of to learn how others have come to know, love, ands honor our Dino...thanks for takin' the time to share your Dino-passion with others.....

Paul Ray said...

I was only going to make a comment regarding Dinos smoking, very cool back then, if ol` Dino was still singing today the non smokin lobby would be up in arms about his smoking, bad influence for the younger generation and all that crap.
I smoke myself and never could kick the habit, yes it is a health hazard but hey, it`s my body.
That was all I was going to say, then I read Mr. Levis message, I dont know Levis age, if he is talking about the same Ky who I know in a round a bout way, he must be a very young man.
Well Levi my friend, I was the same back in the 1960s, wanted to be Dino, dress like him, wanted to smoke and look cool.
Wanted the girls.
Just never had the looks or the body to make it work and the voice, we`ll forget that.
Great story Levi

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, thanks for droppin' some more Dino-thoughts man...indeed Levi is a youthful Dino-devotee and was brought to our Dino by Ky....I know that Levi will appreciate your Dino-correspondance to him....

Levi said...

Hi Paul Dude,
Im 17 and i think the same Ky i know must be the same Ky you know.
Its so cool you were like me and pretended to be Matt Helm, I have blonde hair so i dont look like Matt Helm, i use to think of dying it but i still wouldnt look like Matt Helm.
But i do want to dress like him, he looks so cool.
And i like all the secret weapons he has and the bad guys i like Tung Say best, he was funny.

Thanks dude for your message

Levi said...

Hi Paul Dude,
Im 17
I wrote a message, i think i did it wrong tho, its so cool you wanted to be just like Matt Helm too.
And you wanted to look like him and dress like him, i got blondish hair so i dont look like him, i think even if i dyed my hair i still wont look like him.
I want to dress like him tho, he had the coolest clothes and i like all the secret weapons he had.
My fav bad guy was Tung Say, he was very funny.
The slaygirls were all pretty, i like in the train Matt sits in and the lights keep going off and funny things happen and the girl loses some of her clothes.
Matt walks past a lot of girls and they say thats Matt Helm
Thanx Dude for your reply.
We can both still pretend to be Matt Helm

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, Levi dude how cool of you to drops some Dino-patter our way....