Friday, August 27, 2010

Yes, I knew Dean Martin.

Hey pallies, likes this here Dino-find comes from the pad "Down River Sunday Times" and features actress Miss Jill Jackson and her feature, "Jill Jackson's Hollywood." Seems that a chick tagged Vivian wanna-to-know if Miss Jackson knew our Dino. In her response Miss Jill speaks of her Dino-connections 'specially havin' our beloved Dino as her "pilot" in the "Airport" flick.

So so delighted likes by the continuous and varied ways that the name of our Dino gets lifted up each and every Dino-day all over the 'net. ilovedinomartin expressed our deepest Dino-thanks to Miss Jill Jackson for likes speakin' of our Dino and helpin' others to come to know, love, and cherish our beloved Dino. As usual, to view this in it's original format, and to read Miss Jackson's entire column, just click on the tagg of this Dino-post. Dino-delightedly, DMP

Posted by Times-Herald Newspapers on 8/20/10

Dean Martin

By Jill Jackson
Aside to Vivian M. of Hamong, La.: Yes, I knew Dean Martin. We first met when I had radio and TV shows in New Orleans, and he guested. Then I came out here to Hollywood and was in the movie “Airport,” in which he starred. For six weeks I sat in the plane that he “piloted,” and we all chatted during breaks and everyone got to know everyone else pretty well.


Mark Pritchard said...

Hi! You might be interested in my novel about the Rat Pack, "Make Nice"
I've been told its portrait of Dean Martin is spot-on.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, thanks Mr. Pritchard...will see 'bout checkin' it out man....