Friday, November 30, 2012

in the best biography you will ever read about any man — anywhere — “Dino,” by Nick Tosches

Hey pallies, likes been waitin' quite a few to share this post with you that puts the accent on Nick Tosches' Dino-bio, "DINO: Living High In The Dirty Business Of Dream." But, likes since I just shared the previous post that features the amazin" words of Tosches, likes thought that we certainly woulda end the month of November here at ilovedinomartin with a huge huge bang givin' a double dose of Dino-pleasure a la Nick Tosches." "

Today's post is sorta one of those most unusual Dino-reflections that came by followin' a link that came up with a google blog Dino-search. It comes from the pad "Chateau Hereliste" and the provocative post "Manly Men Confused Why Unmanly Men Get Girls."

Now, likes here's the twist pallies, today's Dino-gram ain't part of the original post, but now gets this dude, today's Dino-patter is one of the 200+ comments scribed on the original post, but likes it is so so Dino-centric, that likes I simply had to share it with all you Dino-philes.

The scriber of the comment is a dude with the tag "Luckly White Male"...and likes certainly one way this dude is in luck is that he seems to be a totally totally sold out to our Dino. Likes first thing to his credit is that this Dino-holic gets Tosches' Dino-masterpiece sayin'..."in the best biography you will ever read about any man — anywhere — “Dino,” by Nick Tosches..." Dem are golden words to this Dino-devotee's ears.

And, likes "Lucky White Male" goes on to profusely pontificate on how our most beloved Dino was truly truly a man's man when it comes to wooin' and cooin' with the chicks. This dude even shares a Dino-quotation that I had never ever heard before. Likes coulda goes on and on 'bout this guy's Dino-tude, but likes gonna be cooler for all you Dino-lovers to reads his words for yourself.

Hats off to Mr. "Lucky White Male" for sharin' his Dino-perspecives with the readers of this blog-o. To read this in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report. Keeps lovinr Dino o'pallies of mine! Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

Lucky White Male

This post would go back to the Masculine vs. Feminine Game debate

Krauser has also touched on Game and Masculinity:

Interesting about Dean Martin, whom Krauser rightly references as a Man’s Man with Game — in the best biography you will ever read about any man — anywhere — “Dino,” by Nick Tosches, Tosches recalls Dean’s 2nd or 3rd wife basically resigning herself that her husband was going to cheat because he was basically “the most handsome man to ever walk the earth ”

Yet Dino got laid purely as a Man. Manly game, not Feminine Game : Dino’s sexual m.o. was quick and easy blow jobs from the starlets on the Hollywood lots during the day- no excessive intanglements – he loved the ladies, but he was a married man to get home for dinner:

When the girl inevitably wanted to “open up to him” and talk about her problems, and get closer, Dino would quip “Honey, if you want to confess, go see a priest”

(Another story: Dino got home for dinner once and his dinner table was full of kids from both his 1st and 2nd marriages. Dino said: ‘Guess I fucked myself out of a seat.’)

Sinatra, on the other hand, had “Feminine Game” – Sinatra understood women better – he was the better ” artist” because he had an inherent aesthetic, latently feminine sensibility that came out in his music.

Sinatra was a “die hard romantic” – Ava Gardner, the most beautiful heartbreaker at that time said: “Sinatra could be the most romantic man in the world when he wanted to be”

But unlike Dino, Sinatra would get too wrapped up emotionally in the legions of women he banged. And Dino thought all the pussy ups and downs affected Sinatra’s career – Two no-no’s for a “real man” like Dino -( who, by the way, was a multi-millionaire businessman bar none, parlaying his entertainment with extensive real estate holdings, stock in NBC, etc)

In the end, the guy who got more pussy was arguably Sinatra, with “Feminine Game”. For example, longtime valet who was with him for 20 years in Rat Pack Era and basically saw everything said “No man on Earth ever got laid more than Frank Sinatra.”

With that said, neither case, Sinatra or Dino, is there anything approaching the Metrosexual game of a Neil Strauss.

The 50s and 60s were an era for Men – and when you watch movies from that era, listen to that music, even period pieces like “Mad Men”– it was a better time.

To be Alpha, you want to understand women, be facile and conversant in their feminine world of emotions, signals, and feelings – … yet remain very much a Man


Danny G. said...

Hey pallie...That's our Dino! No games! Love it! Great find!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o youse just never know where great Dino-understandin' is goin' to be found. Keeps lovin' our Dino!

Matty said...

Oops! Caught this one a little late but I just have to make a comment. Here's my take. I know that Dino, Sinatra and all the other male and female stars of their era behaved according to the "social mores" of their times. I get that. But in retrospect NONE of 'em should've EVER been married. Come on now. Tell the truth. How can you be surrounded by beviess of scantily clad showgirls of all types and beautiful starlets and actresses(e.g. June Allyson) and not eventually fall to temptation? I'm not saying it's impossible...but it's highly improbable. I mean, wasn't Dino married to Betty when his eyes fell upon Jeannie in Florida? Wasn't Dino married to Jeannie when he fell for Kathy Hawn after they were "introduced" in Beverly Hills? Temptation mixed with a little male ego stroking and have a dangerous cocktail if you're wearing a wedding band! I tend to look at my favorite celebrities as human beings that live/lived real life situations...not the spin that their press agents put out. Also, to be fair to Nick's book, it's not the only tome to mention Dino's dalliances. The book "Backstage At The Dean Martin Show" mentions Dino's coziness with a certain Golddigger as well. Ain't it don't mention anything about him running home for dinner either!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Matty I'm with you dude, when our most beloved Dino sang, "I'm Not The Marryin' Kind" he way simply and purely speakin' the absolute Dino-truth! btw, it was Miss USA...Miss Gail Renshaw that started the proceedin's for our Dino divorcin' wife numero duo...I always have thought that Dino and Miss Gail made a glorious couple. Keeps lovin' our Dino!

Matty said...

Oh Geez! There's ANOTHER one! Gail Renshaw! Forgot about her! I stand corrected Mr. DMP!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Matty it was 21 year old Miss Gail, then Cathy with the candified K, and after the divorce to Miss Cathy, nineteen year old UCLA coed Miss Andre Boyer...which I have never been able to find a pix of with our Dino. Dino's the man and we are his ever devoted fans. Keeps lovin' our Dino!