Sunday, January 20, 2013

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Baby Won't You Please Come Home?"

Man O Man pallies!!! Our favorite guy is REALLY feelin' the winter blues this week! Seems as though Dean & his lady friend have had a partin' of the ways...& this chick is playin' REALLY hard to get back!!!

Now even though this week's Serenade goes ALL the way back to Dino's 1964 al b um, "Dream with Dean"... "Baby Won't You Please Come Home?" still hits home with this pallie! I can STILL feel the pain & sorrow that our great great pal was goin' through cuz of this swingin' little broad!

Man, I hope she came to her senses & went runnin' back to our Dino's open arms. I'm pretty sure she did...can't believe ANYONE could resist Dean when he's singin' so so nice & so so sincere! Let's think positive pals! Enjoy! 

Baby, won't you please come home
'Cause your daddy's all alone
I have tried in vain
Never no more to call your name

When you left, you broke my heart
Because I never thought we'd part
Every hour in the day
You'll hear me say
Oh, baby, come home

Baby won't you please come home


Kylie said...

This is a great song and I think a favourite of Deans as he made a few versions.
I can just picture Dean now on the couch singing this :)

Danny G. said...

Hi Kylie! Me too! No one does this one smoother OR as sincerely!