Saturday, October 19, 2013

Rat Pack Pose

Hey pallies, likes guess dudes that ilovedinomartin is gettin' sorta in a Dino-pose sorta mood.  Yesterday we shared some fab shots of our most beloved Dino with the lovely Miss Sharon Stone on the set of the last Helmer caper, "The Wrecking Crew."  Today we turn to the on-line pages of "The Las Vegas Weekly" (clicks on tag of this Dino-gram to view the prose in it's original form), where we discovered an absolutely awesome shot of our great man and his great pallies in the Rat Pack.

The pix is part of an article by Mr. Mark Adams that accents the University of Neveda Las Vegas's "All That Jazz History Project" accentin' "The Strip's Big Band Of Yesteryear.  Likes no direct Dino-refs there, so we just wanted to shared this stunnin'ly stellar pose of our King of Cool with the rest of the Pack.

ilovedinomartin's hugest of huge Dino-supporter Miss Always On Watch recently proclaimed this Dino-truth 'bout viewin' Dino-poses......"Look at our Dino's smile in that photo. His smile lights up the world!
We are so lucky that we have the blessing of the preservation of so many wonderful photos of our Dino!"
Likes we here at ilovedinomartin couldn't 'gree more with Miss blessed are we who are devoted to our Dino to have such plentiful pixs that revel in the life and times of our great great man!

So enjoys pallies and kudos to Mr Mark Adams and the pallies at "Las Vegas Weekly" for sharin' this historic Dino-shot with the wider Dino-world.   Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP



Always On Watch said...

Thanks for mentioning my Dino devotion and my comment about how lucky we are to have so many preserved memories of our Dino.

Of course, it's not just the preservation that's wonderful. Lots of photos of all sorts are celebs are available. But the ones of our Dino take us back to a better time that we can still enjoy "long distance."

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes you liked the mention Miss AOW, and as always you are right in the ol' Dino-mark when you sez...."But the ones of our Dino take us back to a better time that we can still enjoy "long distance." Dino-time is the bestest of best times this ol' world as ever seen! Keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!