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Hey pallies, likes we are pleased as punch to be able to share 'nother  intriguin' internationale  Dino-devotion this very day here at ilovedinomartin.  Yesterday our usual two dozen or so pages of google Dino-blog searchin' sent us to the beautiful blog "Blue Sky Prose, and Stuff !" where Miss nigel-a holds forth.  Her blogger bio tells us that she resides "in a midland English Shire, United Kingdom," and that her occupation is "writing for my pleasure and your enjoyment."

Well, likes it is for our pleasure and our enjoyment that we share Miss nigel-a recent deeply delightful Dino-honorin' post touchin'ly tagged "THAT DEAN MARTIN MAGIC."  Readin' through the post we discover that this huge homage of our most beloved Dino first appeared at her blog in 2012, but checkin' back in the ol' Dino-files here at ilovedinomartin we didn't pick it up the first time, so likes we are most delighted to do so today.  And, likes might we add that we are greatly grateful that Miss nigel-a chose to repost it to her blog!

The theme of her Dino-adulation is in her words, "Notes from an interview ( which might have taken place in my dreams ) at the Sands, Las Vegas, in 1969."  What fun it is to read her marvelously magical "interview" with our main man.  Likes we gotta 'fess up that she is better then us in doin' the Dino-lingo and we are gonna have to learn from nigel-a's effortless way of speakin' the Dino-language.   And, likes might we add she has added a fine variety of Dino-poses to awesomely accent the Dino-prose.

We absolutely loves findin' and sharin' Dino-devotion that continues to show the internationale nature of Dino-passion, and nigel-a's extraordinary efforts are so so coolly creative as well, makin for a real Dino-treat for Dino-philes everywhere!  We sez our deepest of deep Dino-thanks to Miss nigel-a for boldly and beautifully professin' her love of our Dino with her readership.  To checks this out in it's original source, simply, as usual, clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  Always, Dino, Always, DMP


Notes from an interview ( which might have taken place in my dreams ) at the Sands, Las Vegas, in 1969. 

Tell me, Dean, may I call you Dean ?
 Sure yuh can, kid, waddaya wanna know ?

When you ran with the Pack why did you allow Sinatra to dominate the group when everyone could tell you had by far the strongest personality ?
Oh, don't yuh lissen to gossip, kid.  Frank was the King in them days.  I just hung around for the girls.  Gee, those gals, legs goin' on for ever.  And, boy, could they drink !

But you fell out with him ... I read you refused to perform in a Chicago club where he had Mob connections.  Didn't Sinatra cut you dead for a long time afterwards ?
Now yuh shouldn't lissen to those stories, they ain't true.  But supposin' they were, so what if Frank didn't ring me for six years, so what if the old bastard cut me dead in public.  Frank was the King, an we all wanned it that way.

One last question, Dean.  Do you believe Sinatra envied your considerable stage presence and that's why he favoured Sammy Davis ... that he felt more comfortable with Sammy paying him court than with you who wouldn't ?
Now that's an interesting thought. Wud yuh like a drink, kid ?  I think this could be a long evenin'.

[  Psst.....Seamus, d'ye tink this story's true ?  

Jaysus, Michael, how'd I  know.   

But, Seamus, it could be true, couldn't it ?  

Yes, an' I might be the King o' the Fairies !  ] 

[  Written originally on 2/12/2012.  New pictures added 9/3/2014.  Brought to the top of my blog because it's in the top ten most viewed ]

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